Wonderful email HTD received from a teacher in West Palm Beach, FL

My name is Rachel Pignato. I was a senior sitting in high school on September 11th, 2001. I was so impacted by the event I wanted to do something to better the world, so I became a teacher. I currently teach 12 grade government and economics and every year I take time to teach on tragic events of that day. My students were too young to understand the full significance of it so through video, pictures and audio I share the day with them so that we never forget. But more than that I understand the difficulty of personalizing such a mass of loss which is where the Hold the Door campaign comes in. I teach my students ever year about Ronald Carl Fazio Sr. and his simple act of holding the door and how it’s impacted so many. I charge my students with having a week to further the cause of holding the door. Students have helped elderly neighbors paint their house or worked at a soup kitchen and the list goes on. I told the kids of how Mr. Fazio loved Reese’s peanut butter cups and I give them each one. Every time they see one now they remember the act of holding the door. Many have actually pinned the wrapper to their backpacks as a reminder. This week I finally was able to pay my respects at the Memorial. It was a trip 11 years in the making. I took an impression kit and shaded his name on the south 60 panel. I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the moment and found myself inconsolable over a man I never met. His story has changed my life and the lives of my students… And for no other reason his death had purpose. I wanted to share my experience and pass along my admiration to his family for the work they are doing to honor his legacy.
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9/11 Remembrance and Growth

As you know, HTDFO hopes to empower people to grow through any type of loss and adversity, but it was founded in memory of our father who we lost on 9/11.

As the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 approaches, Hold The Door For Others is asking people to visit our blog and leave answers to the below questions in the comments for a special section on our website. Feel free to share additional thoughts and tributes as well.

Our goal is to remember and pay tribute to those lost on 9/11 by sharing our stories of our growth and hopefully help others who are struggling. Our hope is to inspire people and help them help themselves through you sharing your experience.

If you did not lose someone on 9-11, you are welcome to share your responses to any of the questions as well. We believe that we can all open doors for one another…

Who do you want to thank for their support over the last 10 years?
How have you grown since 9/11?
What are you most proud of?
What advice would you give others who face adversity?

Thank you!!

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Dr. Rob Fazio’s, son of Ronald Fazio, response to Bin Laden’s Death on MSNBC

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How Do you Hold The Door?

Let us know in the comments how you held the door today or this week!

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WV Kids Hold the Door for us!

This summer a group of children decided they were going to raise money to support our initiatives. They raised over $1500. But the real support came from meeting them and seeing how much they believed in helping others. Thank you to the Casey Family and their Taekwondo community (www.caseysata.com).

Please join us in thanking their team for helping our team.

As promised, the first pictures on our HTD blog are of your efforts!

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Welcome to Hold The Door For Others!

Welcome to Hold the Door Blog.

We have learned in our research that above all, relationships and social support are key to our growth and navigating challenging situations. We encourage you to share your insights on what has been most helpful to you. This blog is intended to create a positive learning atmosphere where people can connect and support one another. Please note that what people share on this site should not be viewed as professional advice and you should consult a professional and use your own judgment when deciding what may or may not be helpful.

Please connect with one another and feel free to post pictures, videos, or music that you feel will be helpful and appropriate for all audiences.

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