Welcome to Hold The Door For Others!

Welcome to Hold the Door Blog.

We have learned in our research that above all, relationships and social support are key to our growth and navigating challenging situations. We encourage you to share your insights on what has been most helpful to you. This blog is intended to create a positive learning atmosphere where people can connect and support one another. Please note that what people share on this site should not be viewed as professional advice and you should consult a professional and use your own judgment when deciding what may or may not be helpful.

Please connect with one another and feel free to post pictures, videos, or music that you feel will be helpful and appropriate for all audiences.

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3 Responses to Welcome to Hold The Door For Others!

  1. Ann Sullivan says:

    Jane And Carla,
    I would like to share A slogan I wrote. I would dare to say, it is like holding a door open for all affected my 9/11.
    New York City, through your darkest hours You shined. You were strong, You stood tall and You held Your head up high and You made U.S. proud. (C) Copyright Sept. 3, 2011
    If you go to moonlightflower.org web site, you will find three poems that I wrote related to 9/11. My poems, but the thoughts of all the Nation. One of the poems,” A Nation united under God”, I have been told has been on display in 400 offices at and/or, near Ground Zero. I think you will find your thoughts in my poems and I pray my poems will help you and your loved ones hold the door open for others. I have printed copies on patriotic paper and I refuse to profit from these poems, but I am honored when I am asked for copies. I have mailed copies from New Hampshire to California. Thank you for reading my poems. Take care, Ann

  2. Janet Fazio says:

    After listening to my son, Robert, during a radio interview this morning regarding September 11 and our Foundation, I felt very proud to be his mother. My children’s continued efforts these past ten years to help others deal with their own personal losses in their lives has helped me deal with the loss of my husband.
    Their father would also be very proud of them.
    Through our Foundation, I have seen firsthand the almost instant gradification they feel at our annual Hold the Door Day whenever someone thanks them for helping to make their lives a little easier to live,
    God Bless everyone…

    • Anonymous says:

      As we draw even closer to this horribly tragic and indescribable event in our nation’s history, our hearts grow even more heavier. Yet, for me, when the tears subside for awhile, I am lovingly soothed by the heroic angels who stand watch over us everyday. The brave citizens whose lives were lost on September 11 2001 are never forgotten and will never be forgotten and although I did not lose anyone personally, I feel as if we are all connected. We all remember where we were and what we were doing. This is a part of us as Americans and compassionate human beings. It is interwoven into the fabric of our lives and I will forever honor and respect the cloak of bravery left by our heroic citizens. I make eye contact with more people now and offer a warm smile. They smile back. I give at least three compliments a day to people. I want to pay it forward. We are here for each other as it should be. The tribute is ongoing in our conversations and in our hearts for the 9/11 victims and their families. My birthday is 9/11 but please, please know that you are not forgotten. Bless you and your family and your kind, heroic husband, Ronald Fazio who saved so many.



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